Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Direct Deposit Payroll Benefits Employers

Direct Deposit Payroll is a convenient alternative to traditional employee payroll checks that can streamline your payday processes. Salaries for your regular employees, temporary help, and independent contractors are deposited directly into the appropriate accounts, dramatically reducing the time and cost of processing your employee payroll.

Direct Deposit saves money by eliminating the chance of lost checks, which result in stop payment charges and the hassle of check replacement. Direct Deposit makes reconciling your account easier and reduces the need for storing and securing check stock.

Direct Deposit Payroll Benefits Employees

Employees are extremely satisfied with Direct Deposit Payroll. Salaries are immediately available to employees each payday, often before their financial institutions are even opened for business. Employees no longer need to make special trips to the bank just to deposit their paychecks, saving time for employees and businesses alike. Salaries are also available to out-of-the-office employees, eliminating any need for special check handling. Direct Deposit is a secure method for your employees to receive payments. Employees have peace of mind knowing their money will be in their account on time, without the worries of lost, stolen, or misplaced checks.

Employees Enjoy the Flexibility

With flexible deposit options and immediate access to funds, employees benefit greatly from Direct Deposit Payroll.

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